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Wednesday, September 13, 2006

How Darjeeling came to me...

As they say in the east, Darjeeling was my destiny as I never could have imagined living in such a place. Although it was long ago written in the stars that this truth would eventually unfold. Now Darjeeling has become my home where the sounds and sights of the place are more natural than my original home.

About six years ago I had an epiphany of enormous proportions, a blinding flash of clarity which could not be ignored. It was absolutely essential that I leave everything behind and wander around the world by myself for one year. Well one year turned into two and then three, and I never did make it back home again.

While traveling around India I happened to meet a woman in Jaisalmer who was doing volunteer work in Darjeeling. She told me all about the place which greatly piqued my interest. Told her that I would drop in to visit if ever I got up that way. Several months later I did end up in Darjeeling and within just a couple of days realized that I should hang up my backpack and stay for a while as I was utterly enchanted by the people and this magical place. It’s been three years now and my enchantment remains, but on a much richer level.


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